Annual Dues (AUSKF/NCKF)

Due every January

17 years and under (Kyu) $60.00
17 years and under (Yudansha) $70.00
Adult $100.00

No refunds

Quarterly Dues

Due by the first practice each January, April, July, October

All Members
(Discount avail. for two or more family members)
Discount for advance payments of 6 months or 12 months
For 6 months, get 1/2 month free $137.50 (vs. $150)
For 12 months, get 2 month free $250 (vs. $300)

First-time Beginner Fees

PAKD is dedicated to teaching our beginning students, and requires a certain commitment from our beginners in return. The Initial Fee includes the annual AUSKF and NCKF dues, three months of PAKD dues, and an administrative fee.

Youth (17 years and under) $145.00
Adult $185.00

Prices subject to change
Last modified: 3/21/2017

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